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Dionne is a time of night. Their spiritual journey started at a young age and they have explored, experimented, & studied Tarot since 12 years old. Dionne has worked professionally with Crystals since 2019 and is very passionate about incorporating Crystalline energy into Spiritual practice and intuitive reading. Dionne’s card is the Chariot - join them as Spirit takes the reins and travel deeper into your studies and self!

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Hi angels!!

My name is Caroline, and I am so incredibly excited to assist you all on your spiritual journey using lots of love and light. I have always loved being in nature since adolescence and have been drawn to crystals and their addictive energies for as long as I can remember. My goal when meeting each and every one of you is to help you connect with your highest self and help you become more deeply rooted in your self so that you can overcome anything thrown your way.  So please come on in and say hello, I can’t wait to help and meet you all!!


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