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Melissa is a Reiki Energy Master Teacher and certified Crystal Practitioner, dedicated to empowering others through transformative healing modalities. With a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to spiritual growth, Melissa offers enlightening classes and healing sessions that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Through the gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki and the crystalline vibrations of healing stones and pendulum dowsing, Melissa guides individuals towards inner harmony, self-discovery, and holistic wellness. Join Melissa at Golden Rock Shop on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment, and unlock the potential for profound healing and personal growth.

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I am a Certified Sound Practitioner, Certified Crystalline Energy Master & Certified Intuitive Spiritual Coach so I’m the one to go to if you are feeling lost or if you need some spiritual healing! Sound healing is where my passion blossomed. I knew immediately I wanted to make this my career, it has allowed me to see the harmful patterns I have been repeating for decades and begin shifting them to paths forged out of self -love and forgiveness. To share my gifts with others and watch my fellow humans walk into a sacred sound healing space anxious & shadowed then leave with a newfound lightness & confidence truly brings me joy.

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Laurie Hewitt

I provide soul path readings with your Soul Council. These readings will  assist you in remembering why you are here and what your Soul’s purpose is for this lifetime.  I also receive  messages from guides, angels and other Beings that may want to share information with you.  I am also able to channel the Interstellars, who are now communicating with us to provide support and guidance as we navigate the changes occurring on earth and with humans.

I have been receiving messages my entire life and for the past 40 years I have been channeling for others.  I provide a safe and supportive space to connect with Spirit.  My spiritual path is to open the door of awareness and support each person’s spiritual journey.

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Lisa Eleni

Lisa Eleni is a spiritual heartist, international best-selling author, and mind-body-spirit
practitioner. She is the founder of Heartistry and Herbs, which focuses on empowering women
by creating a safe space of love, support and healing through meditation, art, journaling, herbs,
oils and sprays and several self-awareness and mindset shifting techniques. Lisa also hosts
Intentional women’s Heartshops where we create a specific craft for each month. We set our
intentions based on a monthly theme, and our creations hold the energy of our manifestations
to remind us to keep moving toward our goals. Lisa Eleni is also an intuitive tree reader in which
you draw a tree! This is a unique way to get insights, messages from guides and loved ones and
generate ideas on how to move stuck energy and harmonize your mind-body and spirit. Lisa
Eleni’s passion is encouraging women who desire a more joy-filled life and support those who
want to live authentically!

Nicole Sweet

The cards may be a game, but the messages are real!
I have been reading Oracle and Lenormand cards for
a little over 10 years. In November of 2022, I saw a
box of Cards Against Humanity (CAH) and jokingly
thought “I wonder if I can use these like Oracle
cards?” Well, the answer was YES! Since then I have
gone all in and accumulated ~2000 cards.
My CAH Oracle spread includes 3 CAH white cards, 1
CAH black card, and 2 Oracle cards (from 2 different Oracle decks). The cards work
really together to create a beautiful and full picture about your query.

Ari Hunniford


I am a spiritual person who enjoys exploring the beliefs of other religions, especially ancient beliefs, and how they repeat in our world today. My exploration into metaphysics continues to allow me to discover new aspects of myself. I am an intuitive tarot reader; using both the cards and my intuition to give clients the messages that they need to receive. I am incredibly passionate about animals and firmly believe that we have a lot to learn from our animal companions; especially horses. I have been working with and riding horses since I was seven. I am currently studying neuroscience with a minor in psychology. I love seeing the interconnection between science and the metaphysical world.

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