The Cool Cats

Meet our feline friends that keep Cat's Eye Crystals cool!


Store Manager

Aries ☼ - Aquarius ☽ - Virgo ↑

Hello, friends! I'm Alex!

I have a deep care and appreciation for the human condition and that led me to my bachelors in anthropology and sociology, while my fascination and love for the magic and wonders of the world have led me to Cat's Eye Crystals! I'm a spitfire of a person that just wants to experience the fullness of simply being and what it means to be human. I fall in love with the quietness and awkwardness of everyday life and I'm so excited that I have the chance to connect and chat with so many beautiful souls at Cat's Eye Crystals! I'm just a gal who's here on this amazing earth to see it all! Stop by for a laugh, stop by for a cry, or just stop by to say hi! I look forward to hearing all your stories and getting to know you!

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Assistant Manager

Leo ☉ - Scorpio ↑ - Scorpio ☾

Hi, I'm Macaylah!

I previously worked at the Golden Rock Shop for just over a year and now I am the Assistant Manager at out new Store Cat's Eye Crystals! I like birds and rocks and talking about my special interests! I'm a student of the world and I love learning new things! Currently I'm learning to be a Master Herbalist and I'm also learning to Palm Read!

My astrological 'big three' are Leo-Sun, Scorpio-Moon, and Scorpio-Rising... so that should tell you more than you need to know!


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Sales Associate

Clay has been a close customer of The Crystal Garden for a few years now! We are so happy to have him joining out Team at Cat's Eye Crystals.