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I am a practicing psychic and metaphysical teacher. I have been involved in metaphysics for almost 50 years. I give readings both online and in person, I teach classes in everything from psychic development to meditation to healing (I am also a reiki

I believe everyone is psychic and love nothing more than helping people discover and learn to use their psychic gifts. I also run the Denver Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup. An almost 4300-member group which invites experts to come online and share their gifts twice a month.

I am beyond excited about being a reader at Cats Eye Crystals and look forward to reading for you. So come on down!

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Cami is a practiced palm reader and spiritual healer. Cami uses palm reading to explore relationships, careers, and future life events. They inspire others to embrace spirituality and intuition. Their goals are to help others embrace and embark on a better future by promoting spiritual healing and overcoming past traumas.

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Armando was initiated into the craft and the many paths as a teenager. He quickly grew interested in astrology and tarot and began reading for friends and at school fairs. After exploring the world of art & design, Armando returns to astrology and tarot with a deeper understanding of alchemical and magickal arts.

As the Mile High Priest, he is more excited to integrate his intuitive skills with the Cat's Eye Crystals team to guide the local community on their beautiful journeys. Armando is devoted to continually studying spiritual paths and seeking to apply evolutionary astrology and Hermetic and Kabbalistic tarot in his life and his work. Armando works as a visual designer, loves to paint, and is certified as a yoga teacher (RYT 200). He goes by the Mile High Priest on YouTube.

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I'm Alex!

I've been a tea leaf reader ever since my youth. My grandma and I would drink jasmine tea from Styrofoam cups together and she would then ask what I saw in the remaining leaves and that was where my journey in Tasseomancy began. I've been reading Tarot ever since 2015 and have read professionally since 2019 under the pen name Low Magic Lexi. I'm an intuitive reader and a storyteller who uses the tools to craft together a tale that may offer you guidance and empower you on your journey!

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