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I have been on my spiritual journey for 15 years. I still love learning new things every day! My purpose is to help provide you guidance on your healing journey so you can step into a life of  purpose, love, peace & happiness while  getting to know yourself on a deeper intuitive level. I lead with an incredibly open heart. I am able to help connect to most situations due to my own diverse experiences & intuition. I am a deeply rooted empath who leads without judgment and meets you exactly where you are. I will create a warm, inviting safe space & strive to make you comfortable. I am extremely passionate about my healing work & believe it is my soul purpose to share it with you.

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Melissa is a Reiki Energy Master Teacher and certified Crystal Practitioner, dedicated to empowering others through transformative healing modalities. With a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to spiritual growth, Melissa offers enlightening classes and healing sessions that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Through the gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki and the crystalline vibrations of healing stones and pendulum dowsing, Melissa guides individuals towards inner harmony, self-discovery, and holistic wellness. Join Melissa at Golden Rock Shop on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment, and unlock the potential for profound healing and personal growth.

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